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New Year's Resolutions Your DOG Approves of!


New Year’s resolutions seem like a set up - they usually involve avoiding something we love (like ice cream) or doing something that we don’t (like getting rid of inbox junk). My dog Ollie, on the other hand, always seems to have his priorities in the right place.

His New Year’s resolutions always include things that bring him joy like:

Chasing more squirrels  🐿
Rolling in more dead stuff 💩

So this year I’ve taken a cue from Ollie, and pulled together a list of resolutions to bring us more JOY in 2022! 

Here are 7 tail wagging resolutions, inspired by our pups’ playbook, to help kick off your bright new year:

Is there something your dog teaches you every day? It probably belongs on this list. Email me and let me know!

1. Take more naps. 

When did the world decide that naps are only for kids? Naps have been shown to have a huge variety of benefits, including boosting mood, reducing stress and improving memory. Ah, the benefits of spending less time searching for car keys! Plus it’s an activity we can enjoy with our doggos. Two thumbs and four paws way up for embracing more naps in 2022! 

 2. Get the zoomies out, regularly. 

Ollie and I walk or hike most every early morning to greet the day. And we have a ritual “dance and wag” break in the late afternoon. You may have other ways of getting out your zoomies. The point is to move, everyday, in a way that’s fun and feels great. Figure out the times of day and location that's easy to ensure that you, and your dogs, get moving every day. It’s great for the soul and helps increase our quality of life and lifespan.

3. Live in the moment. 

two dogs playing with a stick for exercise and joint mobility

No matter what Ollie’s up to - napping, sniffing, chasing squirrels - he’s all in. He’s not ruminating on what may or may not happen. Much of our stress comes from obsessing on past mistakes or worrying about what may be lurking ahead. Watching our dogs is a great reminder to embrace the now. Our dogs learn how to avoid negative consequences, but healthy dogs don’t waste energy being consumed with “coulda, shoulda, woulda”!


4. Jump for joy just for the heck of it. 

Nothing makes me happier than to see Ollie’s happy dance. He wags his tail with such force that it creates its own little windstorm and he curls his upper lip back in a cute, scrunchy little smile. It flips my happy switch! Instant mood lifter! And who gives two F's how silly I look or sound. So let’s all embrace more moments of joy and silly celebration - either to celebrate a “win” or revel in a delightful moment!

woman and dog playing on the beach at sunset for exercise and joint function

5. Love unconditionally. 

Nope, this doesn’t mean to love without reason. But it does mean to love with your whole heart, toes, head and every cell of your being. And who couldn’t use more of that, right?

6. Find the sunny spot. 

Need I say more?

7. Sniff everything. 

Investigation, curiosity and play add so much to our lives. Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” I know my passionate curiosity about dogs and their health and welfare has enriched my life in so many ways. It’s connected me with amazing adventures, cool people and awesome pups. So start out 2022 with the desire to be open, investigate, sniff out new adventures and play to your heart’s content!

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